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(no subject) [1st of January, 2020|08:23 PM]
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Planets [22nd of August, 2010|08:49 AM]
 Hello.  Last night at work I messed around in MSPaint in my downtime and this is what I drew:

It"s hugeCollapse )

That's all! :3  Use it as a background, or just check it out or something I don't know
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The Ashland Wizard [23rd of June, 2010|06:56 AM]
 Okay... I was going to go to sleep earlier but I stayed up all night anyway.  Shoot.  But I did draw something fun!

First, an explanation.  The other day we had a Tornado Warning and it was crazy and rainy and intense.  At one point though, while we (my family and some friends who came over from their top-floor apartment) watched the news in our basement, we saw a small spot right above a small town.  I think it was called Ashland, but I might just be wrong.  Anyway, this is my theory as to what caused that little clear spot.  The Ashland Wizard protects his city from the elements year-round, keeping the storms at bay and the streets safe.

Behold!Collapse )
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Comics and junk [20th of June, 2010|04:42 PM]
 Oh hey guys, have you been reading my comic?  I really hope so!  Today I updated again.  Updates are inconsistent but I won't abandon it, at the very least :3

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(no subject) [19th of May, 2010|06:44 AM]
 Hey guys! :O

I sort of mentioned it in my currently-most-recent news post on my website, but I try to complain less there.  Thank God I have LiveJournal for that!

I just wanna say it is hard drawing scenery and making a convincing or elaborate setting.  Granted, I put things off and could definitely dump some more time into things, but I feel so overwhelmed when I'm trying to draw things sometimes.  I don't know exactly how to capture the transparency of water, or the darkness of a cave or the glowiness (not a word, I know) of the Skull King's crown.

Hmph.  Anyway, just putting that out there.  I hope everyone still enjoys reading my comic, and doesn't get too confused by my sometimes crummy drawings!  Haha.  That's all.
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Whoop whoop [7th of May, 2010|09:59 PM]
 Okay, so, I am done apologizing on my website for late comics.  But I can still apologize here!

I really meant to post a page on Thursday, as is my schedule.  Here I am, Friday night, about to go to work and the page still isn't done.  I do have the entire thing sketched out though, and a little bit of other work on it, but I'm not going to get it done by the time I have to leave.

The reason for this is that I TOTALLY CLEANED MY KITCHEN TODAY.  It is so clean now.  It's ridiculously clean.  There is nothing on any of the counters, or in the sink, or anywhere at all.  So at least I was productive, right?

Here is a sketch from the upcoming comic.  Oh yeah, I was gonna ask: if you read this tonight (Friday night) would you rather I post the page tomorrow (Saturday) or just wait until Tuesday and post a double page?  I can go either way.  If nobody answers, that'll be fine too, and I will have my first ever Saturday page.  Haha!  That is terrible.

Okay, well, sorry again!  I am just a natural procrastinator.  It's in my blood.  I REGRET NOTHING.
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SUPER MEGA COMICS [4th of May, 2010|05:43 PM]
 Hey guys

I used to read a webcomic called Super Mega Comics, then I stopped, but now I am reading them again.  They're so crazy.  I wanted to make a fan art comic, but I didn't have a joke, so I just made it nonsensical, or something?  But maybe that is a copout.  Also, for some reason, Manga Studio doesn't let me make the "System" font any larger, and anything else looks incorrect and I'm picky about that.

Anyway!  Here is my tribute to Super Mega Comics.  It's kinda big, so let me know if it is irritating you and/or your friend-page.

I also drew a new page of my own comic today!  So you can go read that too.  Gosh darn I am productive!

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Comic! [3rd of May, 2010|05:14 PM]

Hey, guys! :O  I'm gonna promote my comic some more, in case you somehow aren't following it.

www.crown-comics.com for the goods, y'all.

I'm really enjoying writing more of it.  My writing style is kind of like a connect-the-dots choose your own adventure, except I am doing all the connecting and you all get to see what I come up with.  I have certain elements that I need to get to, and to get to those things, I string along some fun events and try and figure out how to get it all to fit together!  I also really enjoy doing fun things with the world and allowing a lot of open-endedness so readers can imagine what they want to about things.  Some stuff that we see in the comic is just weird, and I don't know how much I plan on explaining and detailing.

So read David the Treasure Hunter!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing and drawing it!
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Cat Comic [31st of March, 2010|01:15 AM]
 Here is a comic about a Cat.  Not a story really, just this.  My roommate Pat and I were talking about how cool a cat with no legs would be, as long as it wasn't cruel or unusual.  Just a cat who rolled around and got really fat.

Meet Ducky the cat!

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here look some pkmn stuff [30th of March, 2010|07:50 AM]
...Again! They're so fun and easy to draw.

WARNING I kind of turned into a 10 years old boy for this whole thing. Sorry if you can't handle how dorky this is! I can be cool and act like an adult AFTER I'M DONE WRITING THIS FANFIC.

More sketching, just doodlin' some pokemans. I really like the Snorlax series I did. Hahaha. That beefy Snorlax. I was just cracking up drawing him. And the case-modded Magnemites. I bet if there were real pokemon and real tech-nerds owned them they would do that kind of thing.

And the rest is under this link here.Collapse )
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